The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

On the 14th Feb 2020 I reached out to Harlan Malter from Ironhorse racing Stable. I had seen their flagship horse Bucchero at Royal Ascot and I was interested in dipping a toe in to American racing.

It's something I thought about doing for a long time being an owner in America. America appeals to me more than other countries as it is a country I have visited a few times in my life and I have always loved my trips there. I also enjoy watching their races Kentucky derby & breeders cups etc. I grew up watching clips of their superstar horses such as Seabiscuit, the great Secretariat to the later Cigar and Zenyatta to name but a few and I am a regular viewer of the big American races. I think it's great that international racing has taken leaps and bounds forward too, and so many international horses race around the world now. The UK regularly sees horses entered in the breeders cup and Royal Ascot generally has entries from USA amongst other countries which will be happening more often I am sure as it becomes so normal to see international runners at major racing festivals around the world.

So here it begins in February 2020 I reached out to Harlan Malter from Ironhorse Racing Stable who I had seen at Royal Ascot with their flagship horse Bucchero. I read up on them and I was happy with the way they did business with the same kind of business Ethos as myself, transparent and to make sure people are not paying what they don't need to be. No inflated horse prices from sales ring to share sales. Instead just a straight forward system of buying your % of the exact cost of that horse not an added % as many do in the UK now. So 100% of your buy in fee is in the horse. Where it is different is that each partner agrees to their % ownership before the sale. Ironhorse Racing Stable advise what figure they are looking to spend $100,000 - $140,000 or $60,000 - $100,000 many options are available. This system is not something I am used to, as I am used to viewing horses myself at sales as I know I have a good eye for a good horse, but hey this was about taking a plunge overseas and I had to accept that to do this meant I probably wouldn't have the hands on involvement I am used to.

So I agreed to dip a toe states side and Ironhorse Racing Stable went to the OBS Ocala Sale in March where 2yo's breeze, with agent Phil Hager. It reassured me the extent they go to at the sales which is the same as we do in the UK and all good agents operate this way. Checking out every aspect of the horses. Especially at breeze up sales watching, listening, timing and reviewing is a must as the horse is looked at before a breeze, during and after.

So here she is a 2yo filly by Shanghai Bobby Ex Guard The Empire bought for $105,000 lot 104 who posted the 5th fastest time at the sale and will go into training with the legendary Bill Mott. After Ironhorse Race Stable liaised with owners the name Jade Empress was chosen and reserved, so watch this space as racing gets into full flow and I experience life as an overseas owner . Since being involved with Ironhorse Racing Stable in America I am kept constantly updated and entertained at times by all the owners, Harlan Malter, and Phil Hager on SLACK where they have private individual groups for each horse which is only accessible by the owners, but they do also have open groups for everyone to talk to each other. This has been great and on here they have shared videos and photos of Jade Empress to keep everyone informed. I have also enjoyed meeting Harlan via a ZOOM call, it's always great to put a face to a name especially when you are doing business with them.

I will keep a blog of all my experiences the highs and lows and a fully transparent review of my ownership in the USA

I am now partnered with Ironhorse Racing Stable and I am happy to assist anyone who wants to branch out into the states and vice versa, as their American owners want to branch out with them in the UK in the future.

I am looking forward when able to visiting Florida and New York, meeting the team, other owners and of course Jade Empress

Which brings me back to my initial quote which is a reference to my experience so far with Ironhorse Racing Stable Harlan Malter and Phil Hager (agent) as an owner from distant lands.

'Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter' Izaak Walton

if your interested in shares either USA or UK please get in touch Thoroughbred Communications Agency via website or phone