Lifesize Grazing Horse Statue
Lifesize Grazing Horse Statue

Lifesize Grazing Horse Statue

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Product Summary
  • Grazing horse statue
  • Cast in iron
  • Hand finished detail
  • Outstanding detail to front and back
  • Natural rust finish
  • Over 2.8m long
  • Complementary 'proud' model also available
  • Other horse statues available
More than 300 breeds of horse exist in the world today. Throughout history they have interacted with humans in recreational and sporting capacities, as well as in vocational areas such as police, agriculture and warfare. 
This product creates the perfect centrepiece for any equine establishment or enthusiast 
Dimensions & Weight
  • Height: 160cm
  • Length: 290cm
  • Width: 68cm
  • Weight: 750kg
As with all cast iron products, this statue will continue to gently develop its own unique patina. Depending on positioning and environment, this can include mossing and general weathering. In order to begin this process, we store these statues outside. As rust forms its own seal, decades of service are ensured. Whilst a weathered look is generally preferred, a uniform finish can be achieved by priming and spraying or painting as required.
As this is a specialist product made in the UK, it requires specialist handling and delivery. For a confirmed price on your delivery please contact with your location where the product is required to be delivered. 
An estimated cost for delivery within the Southeast region of the UK would be approximately £300 for a premises with offloading facility and approximately £500 for those premises that does not have offloading facilities. These prices are guidelines only and not set prices just to give you an idea of the charge. Please contact to retrieve a confirmed quote for delivery. 
If you prefer an invoice emailed and direct bank payment then please contact Lynn email: or via the contact page