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Original Graphite drawing on paper 

26cm x 26cm 

With a natural mount 




Mirelle Vegers 

Mirelle is a Dutch artist who was born on the 28th of February 1975 in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

When she was a young girl she found she had a limitless fascination with animals, especially with horses. And from an early age on showing a lot of creativity and imagination.
Inspired by the infinite versatility and beauty of horses, she started drawing with pencils in which she discovered a raw artistic talent and a way to express herself. 
As time went on and after many detours, following education for graphic design, the desire to develop as an artist became obvious and inevitable. As she went on she experimented with all kinds of techniques in oil painting figurative realism, with equine portraits and human portraits as her main subjects. 
Later in life, she followed training in the old classical dutch master painter-techniques like they were used in the 17th century at the hands of Fine Art Master, Paul van Ernich. Due to her huge admiration for impressionism, she added the Zorn pallet technique to her methods, to develop the technique that she uses today.
She has created a vast amount of equine portraits for people in the Netherlands who noticed the craftsmanship and have a love for emotion and drama in figurative realism. Her horses seem to come 'alive'.
Her equine artwork are highly appreciated paintings depicting amazing horses throughout the world.
For creating her artwork she is inspired by photography, music and her spirituality. She creates portraits with her interpretation. Due to her past as graphic designer, her love for photography and light versus dark, she hopes to convey her desire for beauty, connection, emotions and soul. 
She is happy to find that clients from all over the globe are finding their way to her. Allowing her to portray their loved ones in life. 
But also, just as important, loved ones lost. Leaving memorable legacies of her subjects with their unique energy signature and their souls.
Contact now if you would like an original commissioned piece of art from Mirelle as we are an acting agent for Mirelle within the UK.