Sea The Stars

Sea The Stars

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Sea The Stars - Limited edition print of 100..

Archival quality white Matt paper, acid and lignin free 


with frame

If you prefer an invoice emailed and direct bank payment then please contact Lynn email: or via the contact page  

The Artist: Lisa Miller 

“Light   and   atmosphere   coupled   with   a   life-time obsession  with  thoroughbreds  and  racing  are  what inform   my   art.   I   am   a   painter   in   oils   first   and foremost  and  for  the  past  couple  of  years  I  have started  to  move  away  from  purely  representational art  and  become  less  precious  about  fine  detail  . Colour  and  light  are  now  central  to  my  work  and  I have   started   to   move   into   the   sphere   of   human portraiture,   exploring   the   strong   links   between people  and  horses.   Many  of  my  paintings  are  as much   about   the   jockeys   and   their   silks   as   the horses  and  this  is  something  I  intend  to  explore further over the next few years.In  2014  my  painting   ‘Youth  &  Experience'  won Best  in  Show  at  the  annual  juried  exhibition  at  the Mall Galleries, London and in 2016 I   was   elected   a   Full   Member   of   the   Society   of Equestrian Artists”

Please contact me if you would like Lisa to do a commissioned Art piece for you.